Is Inkjet or Laser Printer better choice?

How to choose a Printer?

In the past, inkjet printers were considerably cheaper than laser printers, especially for color. Over the last couple of years, however, color laser printers have become a lot cheaper to buy, making them more attractive to people who would have passed them by at a higher cost.

Laser printers have a couple of advantages over inkjet, the biggest of which is printing cost. Laser printing uses a printer ink toner cartridge, with a dry powder for ink. These toners last quite a bit longer than the average inkjet cartridge.

A toner cartridge will usually last for somewhere between 1000 and 2500 printed pages - up to ten times the average inkjet. The cost of the toner is usually only three or four times the price of an ink cartridge, however, so the average cost per page is quite a bit lower.

Another advantage of laser printers is that the toner doesn't dry up if it isn't used for a while. Because of the way inkjet cartridges operate, they need to be used on a fairly regular basis or they can dry out and need to be replaced. If this happens with a reasonably full cartridge, you wind up wasting a lot of money on that ink.

While laser printers are more economical than inkjet, they do have one big disadvantage - they are not truly "photo printers".

Laser printers can print photos quite well but they don't measure up to the quality of prints you can get from most current inkjet photo printers. Lasers are more along the lines of what you would get from inkjet printers 5 or 6 years ago.

If you're making quick photo prints and aren't really concerned with true photo quality, a color laser will work fine but for true photo output you still really need to stick with inkjet for the best results.

Now, if you're mainly printing black and white a laser printer is really the way to go. The cost of printing is much lower and the results are as good or better than any inkjet printer. Plus, laser prints won't smear or run if they get wet which some inkjet prints will.